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10 Mar 2017 My First award was from male escorting

I was born an introvert. The sight of crowd scared me up until I began this male escorting thing. You know that feeling where your tummy suddenly begins to churn and you feel like you want to ease yourself? That was the feeling I got when I got into the environments that were too noisy. I did not like it. I wanted to be free like my friend, hang out, a club with girls and have fun to the fullest but I always had myself locked up in my room. For up to three years, I was in a desperate search for a means to break free from that habit.

I guess I was tricked into male escorting. I had a friend, John, who was like the only friend I had and with whom I could share my deepest secret without nursing an iota of fear. One warm summer evening, John visited my house. He had called me earlier to tell me that he was coming.  When he arrived, we began to talk, shifting from one topic to another like chameleons. All too sudden, my lips bared and I began to pour out my heart to him.

“This locking myself up is ruining me. I want to be free to socialize, have fun and party just like you without having this funny feeling I usually get. Teach me to become like you,” I said with a depressed face.

He smiled, “You know I am such a bad counselor. I cannot even advice myself talk more of talking sense into someone else.” He kept a straight face, “Come to think of it, do they teach people that?” he taunted.

“I am serious bro,” I retorted, “If I keep locking myself up in my room, I may one day end up committing suicide.”

He seemed to have understood the severity of my plea and the entire glow left his face. He began talking and midway halted and asked, “You said you want to move around, right?”

I nodded.

“Why not try male escorting.”

“Male escorting? What is that?” I asked with a deep sense of curiosity.

“I am surprised you are hearing male escorting for the first time,” he said, then lowered his voice to a taunting one, “How will you even know when you are indoors all the time.” He laughed.

I shot him a mean glance and he shut his mouth for a while and began to talk. He told me all about male escorting and how it was easier to get away with all those nauseating feeling I went to parties or crowded areas with someone by my side. The way he made me understand the concept of male escorting, it was as if the clients will be the one escorting me to those places I would like to go when in the real sense of it, it was the other way round. I was excited about the idea.

“Do you think I can do this?” I asked.

“The only way we can find out is if you try”.

He was the one who arranged everything, found me a client and all I had to do was to provide male escorting service to the client. I had no experience besides the tutoring I had received from John.  It was one of the most nervous moments of my life. I met the client and she was a pretty young girl probably in her early twenties. I did my best to control the nauseating feeling and when we had talked for a while, the feelings and pressure left me. I began to enjoy the moment. We visited many places including the ones I had admired from afar.

After that first male escorting experience, I was the one looking desperately for clients to relieve the moment. That was when I began to appreciate what John did for me because finding a client was hectic.  Fast forward to many months later, I was on a quiz show and a question was thrown to me. It was about a place I had visited during my male escorting service and the client told me a lot about the place. I smiled and said the answer. It was the last question and I won the quiz. So much for male escorting, I guess.