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23 Sep 2016 Visiting Leeds – Best Bar in Leeds to Have a Fine Drink

Leeds is a diverse city and the third largest and fastest growing city in UK. Leeds is also one of the greenest cities in UK as well. This is a historic place which goes back 800 years. The city is all about old secrets which are quite surprising to know and experience the moments. The city itself talks about all the history it carries from near death of the Great Britain to the riots that was started. But now, it is one of the most happening places in UK with the visitors and the locals enjoy the city to the fullest.

 There is food variety, amazing nightlife and a beautiful city to explore. There is shopping here which is amazing and quite appealing for the shopaholics in places like Leeds Kirkgate market which displays and caters hundreds and hundreds of indoor and outdoor stalls having all that you always wanted. There are plenty of places here in the city which is the best place to drink cocktails from molecular mastery to classic concoctions. You would get everything from mojito to great margaritas. There are huge varieties of places which give quality services as well. Let us see one of the topmost bars in Leeds:


This place is quite a sophisticated place which has a cocktail bar where the staff people are so well trained, that the service you will get is mind blowing and very satisfactory. The place mookito gives the visitors more fun by the dancefloor which is present in the ground floor which is very well done and quite comfortable and enjoyable as well. Mook is placed in a hidden place but very famous for its beverages and couples generally find this place a venue to have a night out. People generally like this place very much as it is not the usual sweaty and standing room only kind of place. Many sophisticated socializing gathering happens here and sometimes the Friday night fever, all ends up rocking. Generally people enjoy couple of drinks in the bar and then head downstairs to enjoy the dance and have fun with friends or their partner. The menu is amazing with all options available to eat and chose from. The staffs here are simply great who are very knowledgeable, very friendly with the customers and also fascinating when you watch them ratter, stir and ignite the bar counter. This place is generally crowded in the first term as the students generally jam pack the place and enjoy the bar. This place is a great choice for first dates as the dates can go very well and you would surely be scored high.

Leeds is a place to enjoy with your partner and party hard in the night. If you do not have a partner or looking for a fun companion for a shorter period, you can get the same from renowned Playmate Leeds. This is one of the best agencies here who are renowned to give quality services which you will never forget.